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The Hashtag Sports Awards set the benchmark for effective engagement. Taking place in the midst of our annual festival. Engagement is the most business-critical challenge facing the sports, media, and entertainment industries in the attention economy. Hashtag Sports is proud to celebrate the work and showcase the ROI of investing in the fan experience.

Individuals and organizations who win Hashtag Sports Awards will be viewed as experts in engaging the modern sports fan—a highly coveted consumer. Winning one of our awards will future-proof your organization in the increasingly digital sports landscape by showcasing engagement expertise and proving your work’s effectiveness in driving revenue & achieving business results—not to mention opening up the door for industry-wide exposure, new business, and more.

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Entries open January 14, 2021 and close April 9th, 2021. Finalists for the 3rd Hashtag Sports Awards will be announced in August 2021 and winners will be revealed in September 2021.

The Entry Process

Click here and begin by creating an account for our awards entry portal.

Of course! In fact, we encourage you to enter multiple categories—even for the same work. Our most prestigious award for organizations is the Outstanding Achievement in Overall Engagement. This award honors the single organization who is most-awarded and highly-rated that year so it is beneficial to be in the running across multiple categories. Consider it our “Best in Show.”

You will receive a 20% discount on fees for all entries after the first entry. This discount is automatically applied upon checkout. If you’re entering the same work into multiple categories, all entries will be judged separately for each category it is entered into.

All entries require basic information about the entrant organization, engagement objectives and results, and samples of the work (for categories related to content or campaigns). We also require all entrants to submit an image (minimum 2400 x 1200 pixels) representing the entry for use in our winner’s gallery and public display of finalists on our website.

If selected as a finalist, your content/campaign will be displayed in our gallery and shown during the live show. In order to maintain the highest resolution, we ask you to upload the original video file or provide a way for us to download the original file. For ease of uploading, we highly recommend uploading the video to Vimeo or Dropbox. If the video has the be password protected, make sure to submit the password within your entry and ensure the download link is not set to expire.

Yes, this is an option. You can upload the .mov or .mp4 file directly into our entry portal (maximum 500MB). However, please keep in mind that upload times are dependent upon your internet connection. If you already have the original file uploaded to Dropbox or Vimeo, it will likely make for an easier entry process to provide the video URL.

Check your spam/junk folder first. If it’s not there, please contact events@hashtagsports.com and our team can confirm whether your entry was successfully submitted.

The fee for submitting a single entry is $295 USD during the Early Entry Period, $350 USD during the Regular Entry Period, and $425 USD during the Late Entry Period. A 20% discount is applied to every successive entry thereafter.

Yes, if you submit more than one entry, a 20% discount is automatically applied to each subsequent entry.

No. If you enter at the current entry rate, each entry that follows the first will be $340 each.

Yes. The discount will apply automatically when entering more than one awards category under the same user account. Please reach out to events@hashtagsports.com with your first entry’s ID if you run into issues, and we’re happy to provide a special discount code for checkout.

You can reach out to our awards team directly at adriene@hashtagsports.com and ask if your specific organization or company has already entered. Note that the email must come from an official company email and not a personal account; we will not disclose any information to personal accounts. If your organization has already entered, we will provide a discount code for the equivalent amount. We can not, however, provide retroactive discounts or refunds.

You will be charged the price for the period during which you successfully submit your work. The starting date of the actual entry does not matter when it comes to entry fees.

For example: If you started entering your entry on the last day of the first deadline but did not submit it until the second deadline, you will be charged the second deadline entry fee since that is when you submitted your entry to be put in the running for judging.

Your credit card will be charged at the end of the entry process.

Oh no! This could happen if you clicked the payment button multiple times. If this happened to you, please email a copy of your confirmation receipt to billing@hashtagsports.com.

Invoices are available for download on the confirmation page after submitting your entry. To request an invoice, contact us with the following information with your entry ID and the name on the account. Please note that requests may take up to two weeks to process based on entry volume.

Entries may only be withdrawn if there is an issue due to copyright, hateful/hurtful language, inappropriate images, or other legal restrictions. We generally have a no refund policy. If you have any additional questions on this, please reach out to events@hashtagsports.com.

Winning An Award

No. Hashtag Sports does not provide compensation for travel or expenses. However, we do have a hotel partnership that offers our community discounts on hotel rates near the venue. Click here to access our hotel portal.

While attendance is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. The Hashtag Sports Awards will take place in a blockbuster ceremony in New York City. The live, invite-only show will be as engaging as the creators, content, and campaigns it celebrates. Winners who attend will be recognized onsite, although not all awards may be given or publicized in the same manner.

We wouldn’t call it The Hashtag Sports Awards if you couldn’t! Use #HSAwards and tag us @HashtagSports. High chance we RT (it’s effective engagement).

Definitely. Visit our brand resources page here for access to logos and branding assets/information.

Events & Insights

Yep! In fact, that’s how we got our start. We curate a daily and weekly newsletter which have become to go-to source for sports media and marketing professionals looking to reach/engage a new generation of fans. Subscribe here. Additionally, you can browse the case studies showcasing last year’s award winners here.

We do our best to spotlight as many entrants as possible throughout the calendar year on Engage, our digital publication. Winners are showcased through our case study Q&As. If you have a campaign, partnership, content, or news you would like to share about your organization, please submit here.

Yes! The Hashtag Sports Awards will be announced during the week of Hashtag Sports 2021 VRTL. You can learn more about our flagship event here.


Yes, follow along with #HSAwards to stay up-to-date and join the conversation!

We like creative thinkers! Contact Adriene Bueno on our awards support team via adriene@hashtagsports.com