2020 Shortlist

Your Call Football

Entrant Company: Your Call Inc., CTP

  • Best In-Game Integration
Your Call Football

About this Entry

In essence, Your Call takes users on a new journey, one that uses breakthrough tech to put them at the controls. For a generation that grew up with Madden and immersive video games, it’s a real-life version, immersing fans in the action of the game while giving them a voice in the outcome, satisfying their need for constant stimulation and instant gratification.

How does entry represent "Excellence in Engagement"?

This model has dramatically altered the possibilities for real-time, in-game fan engagement and interaction – transforming a live event into an interactive, social and competitive experience. It’s a significant evolution of the fan experience and one that does not have precedent or competition.

It’s purpose-built for the way today’s consumers primarily play and communicate – via mobile. It does not tie this audience to a specific place or device, but allows them to participate from anywhere.

Objective: It’s no secret that fan expectations are changing dramatically. Once satisfied to sit back and watch as games unfolded in front of them, they now want to be part of what’s happening on the field. It’s what’s fueled the rise of video games like Madden, sports talk radio, and fantasy sports like DraftKings and FanDuel and eSports. Recognizing these shifting attitudes, as well as the mobile explosion, Your Call, Inc. created a platform that merges all of this (football, fantasy, gaming, video games and social connection) while giving fans an opportunity to influence gameplay, and compete against each other from anywhere in the U.S.

Strategy & Execution: During its two series in 2018 and 2019, Your Call’s flagship product, Your Call Football, provided fans with what they wanted: to get even closer to the action on the field. Your Call Football allowed fans all over the country to not just watch but also influence the results of live professional football games.

The patented technology allowed fans to live-stream games with zero latency and choose the plays that ultimately were run on the field. Essentially, it was a video game come to life. As fans watched the live games on YCF’s app (or other platforms), coaches transmitted a bundle of three plays for fans to vote on. The majority-voted play was relayed to the coaches then executed by YCF’s professional football players on the field mere seconds later. Fans accumulated points based on the success, or failure, of the plays called. Throughout the games, fans competed against friends, family and strangers in leagues, head-to-head competitions and overall, and the best play-callers won cash prizes.

Results: YCF’s series validated two critical elements: the viability of the technology, particularly with respect to zero latency and choosing plays in quick intervals, as well as game’s the ability to attract players. In terms of technology, the YCF app allowed for hundreds of thousands of plays to be called without a single mistake.

Additionally, YCF was live streamed with near-zero latency and not a single interruption in the stream - demonstrating clearly that it’s possible to get fans participating in live events without the interruptions that can inhibit the fan experience and a game’s viability. In terms of players, more than 89,000 fans downloaded the YCF app and more than 54,500 registered to play - despite having no previous connections to the players or teams.


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