2020 Shortlist

#NFLTwitter Super Bowl Confetti 2020

Entrant Company: Twitter

  • Best Big Game Spot or Stunt
  • Most Creative Partnership (Without an Athlete or Influencer)
#NFLTwitter Super Bowl Confetti

About this Entry

Giving fans the opportunity to show up through their Tweets on confetti at the Super Bowl is a beautiful and unique way to pay homage to this incredible community of fans, players and everything in between.

How does entry represent "Excellence in Engagement"?

NFLTwitter Super Bowl Confetti sets the bar for how the industry engages with fans during big events. The Super Bowl is one of the toughest events to break through let alone increase engagement in a powerful way. Fans are the lifeline of sports so our hope is that this work will help inspire the industry to ideate and create work that will put the fan at the center.

Objective: The Super Bowl tops the bucket lists for sporting events that fans would love to attend but is a tough ticket to come by. With this type of situation, we were tasked to find a way for fans to physically be a part of the Super Bowl without actually being on the ground. With it being the celebration of the NFL's 100th season, we were in a unique position to deliver a program that would reward the most energetic community of fans. With fans and Tweets at the center, the program was meant to pay back the moments of hilarity, fun and hot takes that lit up our timelines all season long.

Strategy & Execution: The week leading up to Super Bowl, #NFLTwitter was launched with its own custom hashtag emoji and video. Throughout the week, fans were asked to use #NFLTwitter for a chance to have their Tweet printed on confetti. Tweets continued to be printed onto confetti the week leading up to Super Bowl and in real-time on gameday. After the Chiefs’ victory, the best fan, player, and team Tweets rained down on the victors. NFL photographers rushed to get photos of each individual confetti Tweet on the field. Those photos were used as replies to the fan whose Tweet was on the confetti. After the big game, a video launched commemorating the NFL’s 100th season as told through Twitter and the vibrant fan base that makes Twitter the Sports Bar that never closes. As a final surprise for fans, frames that had their confetti matted were shipped to them.


  • 500,000+ pieces of confetti with tweets on them
  • 30,000+ uses of #NFLTwitter in one week
  • 90% positive net sentiment rating across Twitter
  • 8.2 million launch video views (Twitter only)
  • 3.2 million season recap video views (Twitter only)
  • More than 300+ press stories across print, online and broadcast


  • Twitter, National Football League, Deeplocal, 72andSunny, Fresh Tape Media, Big Spaceship, Artistry in Motion