2020 Shortlist

@NBA TikTok

Entrant Company: NBA

  • Outstanding Use of TikTok
NBA TikTok Account

About this Entry

Showcasing the fun that NBA players have both on-and-off the court as well as educating a young demographic on our league, teams and players.

How does entry represent "Excellence in Engagement"?

TikTok allows us to engage with our fans – especially those in a younger demographic – in a bold new way, by giving them the tools and the platforms to tell their own stories around a central theme.

Objective: Optimized delivery of short-form content with both on-an- off the court content playing off the whimsical and fun theme of the platform. The NBA is the most followed brand on the platform, with 10 Million followers.

Strategy & Execution: TikTok presented a middle ground between traditional ‘push’ media (sending out posts) and conventional UGC (sending out a prompt and waiting for submissions to roll in), and the NBA jumped at the opportunity to get our fans involved.

The NBA worked on organic hashtags to help showcase some of the best TikTok-worthy content on a regular basis such as: #mascotmonday, #talenttuesday, #workoutwednesday and #fridayfeeling. Videos with mascots and player-to-player interactions are ideal for the fun atmosphere of TikTok.

Trending hashtags are a huge part of this platform and the NBA engages with as many as possible. In partnership with TikTok, the NBA creates a hashtag once a month for the platform’s ”Trends” page. The hashtags focus on the on-the-court or off-the-court culture of the NBA such as #everythingisahoop, #xmasballin and #rookiethings.

Results: With 11M followers on the channel, we are able to engage with our fans and they can come together and create content around the NBA in their own way on this unique platform.


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