2019 Shortlist

This is Our Ice

Entrant Company: Minnesota Wild, ICF Next

  • Best Integrated Campaign
This is Our Ice

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

In sports marketing, rather than talking at people with cliché campaigns that say how great your team is, we believe it's better to let people participate in your brand. This advertising campaign was completely based on community involvement. We created an event and an in-game, every game ritual whereby Minnesotans created the ice surface the team skates on, from water sourced from their family ponds, favorite lakes, and backyard hockey rinks. The fans engagement became the advertising platform.


  • Matt Minnichsoffer ‐ Minnesota Wild
  • Bridget Johnson ‐ Minnesota Wild
  • John Maher ‐ Minnesota Wild
  • Mitch Helgerson ‐ Minnesota Wild
  • Jessica Eide ‐ ICF Next
  • Bryan Specht ‐ ICF Next
  • Leila Erickson ‐ ICF Next
  • Steve Peckham ‐ ICF Next
  • Joe Monnens ‐ ICF Next
  • Ron Hall ‐ ICF Next
  • Cody Brown ‐ ICF Next
  • Kirsten O'Callaghan ‐ ICF Next
  • Abby Stavig ‐ ICF Next
  • Dom DeLoya ‐ ICF Next
  • Corey Price ‐ ICF Next
  • Tom Lord ‐ ICF Next