2019 Shortlist

Farewell Jersey

Entrant Company: beIN SPORTS USA, VMLY&R Miami

  • Best Real-Time Engagement
  • Outstanding Use of Instagram
Farewell Jersey

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

For this activation, Excellence in Engagement came to life in two ways: the unique mechanics of how fans participated and the once-in-a-lifetime reward they received from the activation. In a fun, modern way, we offered 1,000 fans a meaningful way to say goodbye to their soccer idol. For fans, this sets new standards for how brands allow for enhanced engagement, bringing them closer to the overall experience. We hope that through our efforts, we inspire other brands to innovate in similar ways, to think imaginatively about platform integration, and keep telling and promoting the stories which fans care about most.


  • Juan Ochoa ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Juan Di Polo ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Carlos Casado ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Cesar Hernandez ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Alex Villada ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Michelle Rodriguez ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Adriana Diaz ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Karina De Armas ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Julian Roca ‐ VMLY&R
  • Susana Santacoloma ‐ VMLY&R
  • Andrea Lopez ‐ VMLY&R
  • Alicia Talavera ‐ VMLY&R
  • Kaitlin Castillo ‐ VMLY&R
  • Federico Hauri ‐ VMLY&R
  • Ricardo Chuecos ‐ VMLY&R
  • Cristian Duran ‐ VMLY&R
  • Jorge Calvo ‐ VMLY&R
  • Vivian Zaldivar ‐ VMLY&R
  • Felipe Suarez ‐ VMLY&R
  • David Muñoz ‐ VMLY&R
  • Abel Peña ‐ VMLY&R
  • Danny De Cespedes ‐ VMLY&R
  • Nicolas Fernandez ‐ VMLY&R
  • Pipo Bonamino ‐ Right Cut Studio
  • Jose Luis Romano ‐ Right Cut Studio