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2018 Track Descriptions

Hashtag Sports shines an industry-wide spotlight on companies and luminaries delivering thought leadership to the world's new sports economy.

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Content & Distribution

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Depending on who you ask, sports is either currently having or just had its “Napster Moment” and traditional rightsholders and advertisers are searching for solutions. Social networks like Facebook and streaming giants including Amazon have upped the ante (and the bids) for sports rights, infusing Silicon Valley’s new money into the new sports ecosystem. Attend Hashtag Sports 2018 to learn how leagues, publishers, and advertisers are revamping traditional models of Content & Distribution to grab and keep the attention of the Connected Fan.

Athletes & Creators

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Outfitted with reach and resources, athletes and influencers have fashioned themselves as prominent publishers, budding entrepreneurs, and effective activists. Gone are the days of carwashes and steakhouses—Kobe is incorporated, Kevin Durant is a Silicon Valley savant, and Martellus Bennett is Giphy’s newest creative director. Modern athletes are infusing cash and creativity into content creation and tech investment like no one else. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2018 as we go direct-to-source and uncover how Athletes & Creators are leveraging their influence to unleash their inner innovator.

Fan Experience

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The renaissance fan is giving the game day experience a rebirth as emerging technologies deliver unprecedented levels of engagement. Teams are mandating mobile-only ticketing, AI is reshaping the UI of popular apps, and brands have discovered the power of connecting physical products to the digital world. Attend the Fan Experience track at Hashtag Sports 2018 as we take a look at the innovative technologies and digital solutions deepening the relationship between multiplatform fans and their favorite clubs.

Sports Betting

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If it were left up to a popular vote, betting on sporting events would've been legalized a long time ago. In the lead up to the United States Supreme Court’s historic decision, 55% of Americans favored a new federal framework for sports wagering. As technology provides deeper dives into team and player data, an entirely new betting opportunity emerges in esports, and for ratings-strapped rightsholders remaining eager for steady eyeballs, there is seemingly no better time than the present to green light sports betting and infuse an estimated $26 billion into the nation’s economy. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2018 as we explore how Sports Betting can become a boon for sports business.

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The ever-changing face of fans is changing the face of spending in sports. Generation Hashtag’s digital footprint is a dream, but their apathy for advertising leaves modern marketers’ in a conundrum. Yet, with over one-third of ad dollars and two-thirds of sponsorship being spent on sports, fans’ affinity for their favorite teams and leagues clearly remains reason enough for marketers to channel funds into the sports ecosystem. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2018 for the Sponsorship & Advertising track to explore how brands are connecting with the Connected Fan.

Next-Gen Partnerships

Opposites attract. The magnetism of sports and its consumer base of fervent fans is pulling new and truly unique partners into the industry. Kids’ brands such as Nickelodeon are forging cross-platform distribution agreements with leagues, companies at the forefront of the gig economy (including Airbnb and Uber) are finding new gigs with sports teams and properties, and legacy publishers like ESPN are converging with disruptive media brands and influencer networks (i.e. Cycle) to reach younger audiences. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2018 as we uncover the Next-Gen Partnerships delivering new resources and results to the sports economy.