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SportsFronts is a one-day main stage showcase at Hashtag Sports 2018 featuring interviews, panels and presentations from the leading publishers and platforms serving today's connected fan. Sports is often the driving force behind the ways in which live and on-demand media is sold, distributed, and consumed. As a result, sports publishers and networks are tasked with developing the next-generation of viewer experiences and creating content that is equal parts engagement and entertainment.

The Future of OTT: Announcing DAZN's Newest Rights Partnership

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Wednesday 6/27.9:35AM.Times Center.Main Stage

Fresh off revealing plans to reignite U.S. boxing with the sport’s first billion-dollar deal, DAZN’s CEO James Rushton lifts the lid on another major U.S. sports rights addition for the OTT streaming service launching this summer. Rushton will be joined by a major rights holder to discuss the how the partnership will grow the popularity and value of sport. With DAZN already established in five countries across three continents, the panel will explore the opportunities and challenges ahead for streaming sports directly to fans.

James Rushton

Hulu: Reinventing Sports For The Connected Fan

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Wednesday 6/27.10:00AM.Times Center.Main Stage

With increased availability of live and on-demand sports, it is harder than ever for sports fans to find what they love. Taking sports out of the cable box and into an app enables compelling and innovative experiences for the connected fan. In this talk by Hulu’s Richard Irving, you will learn how Hulu is building hyper-personalized sports experiences that tap into the passion of super fans and while ensuring easy access for the casual fan.

Richard Irving

Oath: Optimizing the Digital Sports Experience

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Wednesday 6/27.10:20AM.Times Center.Main Stage

Sports fans are some of the biggest consumers in the mobile market and the demand for premium content is higher than ever. At the forefront of this industry shakeup is a need for access to games on-the-go, experiential ways to watch and overall connectivity. Yahoo Sports is changing the game, delivering multiple options to view sports through streaming deals with major players like the NFL and exclusive content with athletes like Kobe Bryant. With the promise of 5G in the near future, Yahoo Sports, backed by the power of Verizon, is up to the challenge of charging this revolution.

Geoff Reiss

Speaker TBA

YouTube: The Home for Sports Fans

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Wednesday 6/27.10:45AM.Times Center.Main Stage

For over a decade, fans have come to YouTube daily to catch highlights from their favorite teams and see viral clips from every day athletes. Explore how YouTube has continued to grow by bringing major live sports to YouTube TV, sponsoring the biggest broadcast sporting events, and bringing more athletes and creators to the platform.

Angela Courtin
Global Head

Tim Katz

Daniel Rossomondo

WWE: Strategy Reimagined

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Wednesday 6/27.11:30AM.Times Center.Main Stage

In 2014, WWE took a calculated risk and became one of the first media properties to embrace livestreaming with the creation of WWE Network. The digital transformation – and resulting fan engagement – that has followed has carried WWE to new heights. Hear valuable insights from WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson on how WWE continues to reimagine its approach to content & distribution, including the flexibility needed to create and produce compelling content across platforms to reach fans anywhere at any time.

Michelle Wilson

Daniel Roberts
Sr. Writer & Host
Yahoo Finance

Wednesday 6/27.11:50AM.Times Center.Main Stage

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Ed Erhardt
Global Sales

Mike Greenberg

Bleacher Report: House of Highlights

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Wednesday 6/27.1:00PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Garnering more than 500 new followers every hour, House of Highlights was created by 24-year-old Omar Raja out of his college dorm room at the University of Central Florida. With more than 9 million followers, House of Highlights is an account that influences behavior and has zeroed in on Gen Z.

Explore how to capitalize on an audience white space and target multi-cultural Generation Z consumers that are being underserved by traditional media outlets. Athletes and executives will join Omar for a raw conversation on how to keep it real on platforms.

Rory Brown
Bleacher Report

Omar Raja
House of Highlights

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Disrupting Sports Media: A Look Ahead

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Wednesday 6/27.1:45PM.Times Center.Main Stage

The sports media landscape is rapidly evolving to serve today's connected fan. Established networks are now competing for broadcast rights with new digital entrants, social platforms are discovering how sports fits into their vast business models, and publishing is being reinvented by new technologies. There are "players" in each area; from teams to publishers to platforms to athletes, all trying to put a stake in the ground and disrupt the sports content status quo. How will this all play out? Join us for a look into the future of sports media and content.

Bonin Bough
Cleveland Hustle

Rick Cordella
NBC Sports

TJ Adeshola
Sports Partnerships

Andrew Miller

FOX Sports: Built for Brands

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Wednesday 6/27.2:30PM.Times Center.Main Stage

As viewing habits shift and entertainment programming is binge-watched or time shifted, sports remains the only premium live ad supported environment to deliver video scale on any screen. FOX Sports is the leader in live events and focused on providing fans the best seat to watch the cultural and shared moments sports creates. Hear from SVP of Sales Mike Petruzzi about how FOX Sports is capturing viewer attention this summer with the World Cup and how they plan to provide innovation and relevancy for brands every weekend this fall.

Mike Petruzzi
FOX Sports

Barstool: SportsFronts

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Wednesday 6/27.3:15PM.Times Center.Main Stage

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Erika Nardini
Barstool Sports

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SB Nation: The Internet Isn't a Glow-in-the-Dark Newspaper

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Wednesday 6/27.3:45PM.Times Center.Main Stage

In 2017, SB Nation launched Labs, a group dedicated to re-evaluating digital storytelling conventions and exploring alternatives to traditional formats. Hear from ASME award-winning journalist, Jon Bois, and SB Nation editor-in-chief, Elena Bergeron on how the entire SB Nation team connects with sports fans through innovative formats that push the boundaries of traditional sports media.

Elena Bergeron
SB Nation

Jon Bois
Creative Director
SB Nation

Sara Jerde

The Victor Cruz Show: Live Podcast

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Wednesday 6/27.4:00PM.Times Center.Main Stage

The Victor Cruz Show features Victor & PR, engaging in barbershop talk - discussing the latest in sports, music and fashion. Join us on Wednesday to see which of their celebrity & athlete friends will join in the fun.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz Show

Paul Rivera
Victor Cruz Show

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