SportsFronts | Hashtag Sports

June 27, 2018 @ TimesCenter

Showcasing the leading sports publishers and platforms serving today’s connected fan

Digital Content Showcase

We've gathered them in one place to show you what's next in sports media.

SportsFronts is a full-day main stage showcase at Hashtag Sports 2018 featuring over a dozen original discussions and presentations from executives of the leading media companies, publishers and platforms.

Sports is the driving force behind the ways in which live and on-demand media is sold, distributed, and consumed. As a result, sports publishers and networks are tasked with developing the next-generation of viewer experiences and creating content that is equal parts engagement and entertainment.

Who's Speaking?

Jay Williams


Ed Erhardt

President, Global Sales
& Marketing

Sandra Lopez


Elena Bergeron


Mike Greenberg

Co-Host, Get Up!

Erika Nardini


Richard Irving

VP, Product

Omar Raja

Founder, House of Highlights

Bonin Bough

Producer & Host

Victor Cruz


Geoff Reiss

VP & GM, Sports

Daniel Carcillo

Founder & Stanley Cup Winner

Rick Cordella

GM, Digital Media

LZ Granderson

Senior Writer

Rory Brown



Morning Sessions

9:30AM – 9:35PM
Opening Words with LZ Granderson
SportsFronts 2018 Host

9:35AM – 9:55AM
DAZN – James Rushton
with guest

10:00AM – 10:20AM
Hulu – Richard Irving

10:20AM – 10:40AM
Oath – Geoff Reiss

10:45AM – 11:25AM
YouTube – Tim Katz
with Daniel Rossomondo

11:50AM – 12:20PM
ESPN – Ed Erhardt
with Mike Greenberg

Afternoon Sessions

1:00PM – 1:40PM
Bleacher Report – Rory Brown, Omar Raja
with Sandra Lopez

1:45PM – 2:25PM
Bonin Bough, NBC Sports, Twitter, & Fancred

2:30PM – 2:50PM
FOX Sports – Mike Petruzzi

2:50PM – 3:10PM
The Players' Tribune – Daniel Carcillo & Sean Conboy
moderated by Jay Williams

3:15PM – 3:35PM
Barstool Sports – Erika Nardini

3:35PM – 3:55PM
SB Nation – Elena Bergeron & Jon Bois
with Sara Jerde of Adweek

4:00PM – 5:00PM
with Paul Rivera

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The Audience

SportsFronts is the premier setting for marketers, media buyers, advertisers, content creators, and publishers to connect, network, and build partnerships around the (world's) most engaging content vertical.

Learn about the innovative ways technology is driving new distribution models and programming formats while exploring partnership and advertising opportunities with leading sports rightsholders and publishers.


Consider this your official invite! Join dozens of the industry’s top publishers, platforms and networks at Hashtag Sports 2018 in Times Square for:

  • SESSIONS including original content showcases, fireside chats, and presentations
  • NETWORKING with senior executives and decision makers across sports and media
  • PARTNERSHIP and advertising opps with leading sports publishers and platforms
  • TALENT showcases featuring athletes, sports personalities and content creators

Qualified media buyers and advertisers also qualify for special rates (subject to approval and availability). Reach out below for more information.