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Next-Gen Partnerships

Opposites attract. The magnetism of sports and its consumer base of fervent fans is pulling new and truly unique partners into the industry. Kids’ brands such as Nickelodeon are forging cross-platform distribution agreements with leagues, companies at the forefront of the gig economy (including Airbnb and Uber) are finding new gigs with sports teams and properties, and legacy publishers like ESPN are converging with disruptive media brands and influencer networks to reach younger audiences. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2018 as we uncover the Next-Gen Partnerships delivering new resources and results to the sports economy.

The Female Quotient: Transforming Workplace Culture in Sports Is a Win-Win

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Monday, 6/25.10:00AM.Times Center.Main Stage

Digital media and technology are helping to future-proof sports by reaching and uniting fans of all backgrounds, yet our industry still lacks the talent pool to best serve this diverse consumer base. Coupled with the rise of movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, it's imperative we take action for advancing diversity and equality in the workplace. In this candid discussion, industry leaders will share how we can go beyond simply talking about the problems and start activating solutions for change that will transform the workplace. We'll all benefit from doing so: Equality isn't a female issue, it's a social and economic imperative.

Shelley Zalis
Female Quotient

Stefanie Rapp
Bleacher Report

Sandra Lopez

Danna Rabin

Deconstructing Gen Z: Understanding and Engaging the Multi-Faceted Kids Market

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Monday, 6/25.2:00PM.Times Center.Main Stage

It's hard enough to keep pace with the flurry of changes in Gen Z youth culture much less capture the attention and inspire new trends. Spoiler alert: GEN Z IS NOT A MONOLITH! Deconstructing who they are and who they want to become, reaching them where their attention is focused and understanding why they are focusing their attention in those places is fundamental. Terence Burke, Sarah Unger, and Gregg are each seasoned experts on Gen Z culture research, insights, and strategy. Listen as they share from the knowledge and experience they have gained in serving the brands who are captivating and inspiring these young culture creators.

Terence Burke

Sarah Unger

Gregg Witt
Motivate Inc.

New Turf: How Innovative New Media Partnerships are Redesigning Consumer Engagement

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Monday, 6/25.3:15PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Touching on how the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, became the most robust and dominant Winter Games on record, executives from NBC Sports Group, SportsEngine, Refinery29, and Peloton discuss how groundbreaking new media partnerships are changing the sports marketing landscape.

Jennifer Storms
NBC Sports

Sarah Personette

Justin Kaufenberg

Maggie Lu

Kathryn Tappen
NBC Sports

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