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Hashtag Sports LIVE Agenda.

Our series of back-to-back panels, presentations and interviews will address the most critical challenges and opportunities in fan engagement today. Sessions will be conducted via live stream video powered by Grabyo Producer and organized around five agenda themes.

Hashtag Sports LIVE has 5 agenda themes:

Brand Content & Engagement.

Tuesday, 6/16 @ 9:40AM EDT

Reshaping Content for a Reorganized Sports Calendar

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it and may have ripple effects on the sports calendar for years to come. Marketers and media professionals alike are looking at their campaign schedule or content calendar and trying to get their bearings: what is still relevant, how have audience priorities shifted, and when to plan for business as usual. Hear from leading content strategists as they dissect current content trends, explore how to adapt strategy, and discuss when/what to start planning for sports return.


Tuesday, 6/16 @ 10:20AM EDT

Branded Content In This Moment & Beyond

The relationship between brands and sports publishers is quickly evolving. For some brands, media companies are a consultancy of sorts, helping advise on new content formats and building out remote production operations. For other brands, publishers are generating the lion's share of their engagement with consumers while live sports and entertainment remain on pause. In this panel, leaders in sports marketing and content creation will talk about how they see branded content changing, including how their organizations have adapted, the blueprint for developing cost-effective creative, and what their strategies will look like when the sports calendar is full again.


  • Beckley Mason, Executive Director, Playmaker, Bleacher Report
  • Patrick Cassidy, Global Director, Consumer Brand Marketing, New Balance
  • Paige Dimakos, Chief Operating Officer, The Draft Network (moderator)

Tuesday, 6/16 @ 11:20AM EDT

Evolving Brand-Property Relationships

Panelists representing brands, properties, and agencies will discuss the biggest ways their relationships are shifting, what they need most from each other to succeed and what changes to partnership & activation strategy both can anticipate as the sports & entertainment landscape recovers and evolves.


  • Kristen Gambetta, Sr. Director, Sports and Entertainment, Rakuten
  • Anup Daji, VP, Growth & Development, Experience, Wasserman
  • Katie Carew, Director, Corporate Partnerships, New York Giants
  • Shaina Wiel, Founder, Minorities in Sports (moderator)

Tuesday, 6/16 @ 12:00PM EDT

Featured Interview: CJ McCollum

Deemed the "The NBA's Most Media-Savvy Star" by Sports Illustrated, CJ McCollum will discuss how he's uniquely engaging with audiences through digital content during the league's pause, as well as how he develops authentic fan relationships by working closely with brand partners who align with his values and interests. In conversation with rising Bleacher Report personality Taylor Rooks, CJ will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on his fan engagement strategy, how he selects brand partners and the importance of authenticity, why athlete podcasts are a channel marketers should pay attention to, and his role in the launch of PlayersTV and what's next for him in media.


Tuesday, 6/16 @ 12:45PM EDT

Athletes and Brands: A Marketing Partnership

Presented with NFLPA

Using athletes as part of a marketing campaign can significantly extend reach, drive sales and increase engagement for a brand. But it’s not about using any athlete, it’s about using the right athlete. How do brands cut through the clutter and authentically communicate an effective brand message using athletes that are right for them?


The Future of Video.

Tuesday, 6/16 @ 1:25PM EDT

New Platforms & Partnerships: Where are Sports Fans?

As fan consumption rapidly evolves, so do the platforms available for marketers and content creators to reach them. Brands, athletes, and sports organizations alike are experimenting with new platforms ranging from streaming audio to short-form video and more to deepen affinity and engagement. A new generation of social platforms and emerging content companies offer innovative opportunities for marketers and creatives to engage consumers with or without live sports. This session will highlight the platforms that are increasingly being employed to win over the next generation of fans and the blueprint for growing partnerships.


Tuesday, 6/16 @ 2:05PM EDT

Creating New Fan & Event Experiences on Mobile

Few customers are more demanding than sports fans—especially when starved for live action. Their mobile devices are their lifeline and access is the expectation. Advances in technology are accelerating to meet the modern fan's needs on mobile and deliver more interactive and engaging forms of media and entertainment. From 5G connectivity driving broadcast-quality streaming experiences on mobile devices to immersive media experiences like augmented reality, the future of fan engagement is in fan's hands. Hear from a panel of leading experts on how technology is creating new types of experiences for your fans across all devices, both at the event and at home.


Tuesday, 6/16 @ 2:45PM EDT

Pandemic Strategies for Pro Teams: Fan Engagement, Sponsor Value, Multi-Channel Distribution

Presented with Grabyo

As the world went into COVID lockdown and live sports league’s canceled their seasons, pro teams everywhere held their breath about what the future would look like. Even more worrisome than the loss of ticket revenue, was the loss of valuable and trusted sponsors and media partners. In this panel, we’ll explore how teams are coping with the new reality. How do you stay engaged with fans without live games? How can you produce content remotely? How do you use your greatest assets, the athletes, to the fullest extent possible? What are the new sponsorship platforms to help maintain value for brands? What platforms are driving the most fan engagement? Learn from a panel of experts representing leading teams and social platforms.


Esports & Gaming.

Esports is sports for the next generation and beyond. This desirable and potentially elusive audience cares deeply about engagement, connection and belonging. They have high standards and expectations for what they will and will not accept. And are not shy about sharing how they feel with anyone who will listen across whatever platform they choose.

The convergence of technologies, devices and platforms enable games producers, event, league and team organizers to harness their best creative resources and talents to reach this audience with increasingly refined and effective efforts, generating meaningful connection opportunities for premium brands and their best creative agencies.

These sessions are a creative collaboration between Hashtag Sports and the Esports Ad Bureau (EAB), and will be moderated by Stuart Lipson, Executive Director of the EAB. They will showcase leadership, best practices and excellence for attendees to model and make their own.

Tuesday, 6/16 @ 3:25PM EDT

Gaming: The Key to Engaging the Next Generation of Fans

Games connect entire generations of fans to sports, brands, stories and activities that they deeply care about. This session will provide attendees with a clear roadmap for how trusted brands are bringing their best creativity to reach young audiences with their game partners. These efforts set the bar for the premium value the audience can expect and provides a model for other brands and their agencies to emulate and create their own best opportunities in the marketplace.


  • Seth Ladetsky, SVP, Digital & ELEAGUE Revenue Strategy, Turner Sports

Tuesday, 6/16 @ 4:05PM EDT

Esports Roadmap for Brand & Sports Marketers

Brands and sports marketers are facing unprecedented challenges in the current environment. Leaders in the space are dedicating even more focus, effort and resources working with the best media companies and platforms to reach this immensely brand loyal audience with meaningful opportunities, and come through these times even stronger than before.


Tuesday, 6/16 @ 4:45PM EDT

How Gaming & Esports Are Filling the COVID-Sized Void

With live sports competition and entertainment on pause, esports & gaming has shown its resilience. Gaming activity is significantly increasing as professional and esports leagues and tournaments are continuing to operate and grow in online-only formats. Gaming and esports has become a creative solution for brands, sports, and entertainment. This session will identify areas of opportunity and explore the intersection of experiential and gaming.


Tuesday, 6/16 @ 5:25PM EDT

Rules of Engagement for Building an Esports Content Strategy

Best practices matter, now more than ever! This session focuses on how one of the leading media companies in the space raises the bar for the quality and degree of engagement enabled across esports and traditional sports with a leading client and trusted brand. Together they are providing innovation for participants across each touchpoint, creating unique and dynamic opportunities that generate benefits and results for all involved.


Market Insights & Opportunities.

Wednesday, 6/17 @ 9:00AM EDT

Executive Perspective on Industry Evolution

The sports landscape will forever be changed by the historic hiatus resulting from COVID-19. The most forward-thinking businesses are adapting to this shift by embracing new business models, partners and technologies. To succeed moving forward, organizations across sports & entertainment must meet the needs of the modern fan. Hear from a panel of industry veterans as they discuss their strategies and outlook for the evolving sports, media and entertainment landscape.


Wednesday, 6/17 @ 9:40AM EDT

Remote Production in Focus: Adapting to Deliver Content in Challenging Times

Presented with Blackbird

Now more than ever, remote production is in focus and the sports industry is quickly adapting to deliver content despite challenging times. In this session, learn how sports properties and technology leaders are finding solutions to content creation and delivery whilst at home; the advantages of cloud-based technology for remote production; learnings during these challenging times; advice to other sports organisations looking for similar solutions; what's in store for video production in the 'new normal' future.


  • Brian Leonard, Head of Engineering – Production & Workflows, IMG Media
  • Quanah McBride, Head of Digital Media Operations, NRL
  • Tony Page, President of Digital and Live, Deltatre
  • Daniel Webster, VP Strategic Accounts - Americas, Blackbird (moderator)

Wednesday, 6/17 @ 10:20AM EDT

Growing Role of Purpose in Content & Engagement

The modern fan wants to support clubs and see sponsors whose values align with their own. They increasingly expect athletes and brands to take a stand on hot-button issues and play a role in bettering the world. But even more, as the coronavirus pandemic has decimated lives and livelihoods, sports marketers and content creators are giving fans new ways to give back. In this session, hear from the minds behind purpose-driven content and campaigns, and learn how you can build engagement efforts that support causes that your supporters care about.


Wednesday, 6/17 @ 2:00PM EDT

Internal Diversity Creates External Inclusion

Presented with Turnkey Search

The panel will discuss the importance of recruiting and hiring diverse talent, which leads to a plethora of fresh ideas and viewpoints, and in turn results in increased engagement with underrepresented fans. Areas of conversation will include the impact of COVID-19 on hiring practices, why it is important to be inclusive in the recruiting of content-based positions, the creative impact that hires of diverse backgrounds bring to an organization’s brand, and the first-hand experiences these individuals had when it came to the effect of internal diversity leading to external inclusion of more diverse fans & partners.


Wednesday, 6/17 @ 3:00PM EDT

Recovery & Live Events: Understanding Audience Needs

Presented with GMR

The world has changed and what were once big, exciting moments in our lives will now be confusing, concerning and complicated experiences. The live events environment will be impacted indefinitely—we don’t yet fully know what the weeks, months, even years ahead will uncover about how we come together through common passions and as a connected community. But we’re already seeing properties and brands work together to innovate and reestablish a sense of entertainment through new and/or enhanced security measures, unexpected extras and more control in the hands of the audience. This panel will highlight how industry leaders are approaching and responding to a deeper understanding of their audiences’ needs, mindsets and values in the post-COVID world, and how continued engagement through fan passions can build stronger connections.

  • Cyndie Wang, Head of Global Sponsorships & Alliances, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Allyson Witherspoon, VP, Marketing Communications and Media, Nissan
  • Kate Johnson, Head of Global Marketing Partnerships, Content, Sports Media, Google
  • Ania Sponaski, VP, Global Sponsorship Consulting, GMR (moderator)

Wednesday, 6/17 @ 3:40PM EDT

Creating a Single View of the Fan Across the Organization

To gain insight into fan behavior, it is no longer sufficient to understand when and where a fan attends a game. The modern fan may interact and engage with leagues & clubs across a variety of mediums—on social media, through the the purchase of merchandise, or by watching on TV or live streams—but never step into the stadium or arena. With this in mind, sports properties today need a full, 360º picture of who the fan is in order to deepen engagement and become fully integrated across functions and departments. Hear from a panel of experts who will share their expertise in personalizing content, tailoring products, and developing fan-focused campaigns resulting from a single customer view and audience data management.


Transformation of College Athletics.

Wednesday, 6/17 @ 12:00PM EDT

NIL Incoming: Preparing to Win in the Era of Name, Image, and Likeness Rights

Presented with opendorse

Big rule changes arrive in 2021 regarding name, image, and likeness (NIL). When it comes to NIL, social media is the great equalizer. But it’s not easy to be great. Learn how colleges and student-athletes can ready themselves to maximize their value and make the most of the moment.


  • Garrett Klassy, Senior Deputy AD, University of Nebraska
  • Michael McBride, Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Operations, Houston Athletics
  • Kenny Mossman, Sr. Associate AD, External Operations, Oklahoma University Athletics
  • Blake Lawrence, Co-Founder/CEO, Opendorse (moderator)

Wednesday, 6/17 @ 12:40PM EDT

Opportunities & Realities: Trends Transforming Collegiate Content

The impact of COVID-19 on the college sports landscape has so far been devastating. Revenue losses and budget cuts are leaving athletic departments without critical teammates, time and technology for a level of content creation that fans have come to expect. So what now? And more importantly, what's next? Hear from a panel of digital innovators representing athletic departments and conferences on revenue-minded content strategy; how to activate students as content creators; planning for socially-distanced media day; working with technology and media partners; and developing deeper in-house creation capabilities.


Wednesday, 6/17 @ 1:20PM EDT

Featured Interview: Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott


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