FANchise - Taking Fan Engagement to the Extreme | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


Panel - Fan Engagement

FANchise - Taking Fan Engagement to the Extreme

Tuesday, 6/27 | Times Center | Main Stage at 3:00PM

What You Will Learn

Fans have always craved more influence on the sports they love. What would happen if the world of Madden were played out on a real field with real players controlled by real fans? This is the ambitious undertaking of FANchise, the football franchise giving the 'I' in the IFL a new meaning: interactive.

Tags: Fan Engagement, Gaming, Football, Emerging Platforms, Startups

Patty Hirsch

GM & SVP of Digital

Krystian Krycinski

Head of Product

Sohrob Farudi

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Freeman


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