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In sports marketing, it’s all done in the name of (fan) love. Attention spans are shortening as fans are oversaturated with alternative experiences on game day. AI is impacting UI, virtual reality has become a consumption reality, and teams are countering fans’ desires to stay on the couch with a mobile-first mentality. Join the Fan Experience track at Hashtag Sports 2018 for an in-depth look at how technology is changing the way sports are consumed and experienced.

Using Data to Drive the Live Sports Experience

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Monday, 6/25.10:00AM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

No matter the technology or the format, fans are eager to engage with their favorite teams in new and exciting ways. Trends in data, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, have opened the door for networks, leagues, and brands to power ground-breaking gameday experiences and digital activations. Hear from sports data and intelligence experts as they discuss the ways emerging technology is enhancing the live sports experience in stadiums and living rooms alike.

Jayme Fuller

Scott Bounds
US Media Lead

Mike Grushin

How Innovation and Technology are Transforming the Global Fan Experience

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Monday, 6/25.10:45AM.Times Center.Main Stage

More than ever, sports teams and leagues are relying on innovative technologies to identify unique insights that can enhance the fan’s experience wherever they are. Hear from the leading CMOs who are creating and leveraging this innovation, on the field, in the stands and across channels to create fan value that drives affinity, engagement and lifelong fandom.

Alicia Tillman

Heidi Browning

Micky Lawler

Sharon Otterman

Ahiza Garcia

Esports Is Sports and Brands Understand: Connecting with Esports Audiences

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Monday, 6/25.1:30PM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

Learn how brands are working with leading companies to build the bridge between traditional sports and the desirable esports fan. Presenters will share case studies and success stories about how they have been able to develop and implement unique creative solutions for their clients to connect and grow their presence with the esports audience.

This session will focus on providing practical tools and tactics that brands and their agencies can use to harness the tremendous growth and variety of opportunities that the esports environment represents.

Greg Millard

Josh Cella
Global Partnerships

Paul Brewer

Stuart Lipson
Executive Director
Esports Ad Bureau

Innovation Outlook: The Sports Investment Landscape

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Monday, 6/25.2:30PM.TimesCenter.Innovate Stage

The sports industry is seeing an influx of capital for fast-growing, private companies due to the rapid change in the sports media and technology landscape. In this session, you will learn about the trends investors view as most transformative for the industry. Additionally, you will hear from a few types of investors to understand the similarities and differences in how they approach investing in this space.

Allison Goldberg
Time Warner

Jasmine Robinson
Causeway Media

Colin Neville
Managing Director
Raine Group

Seth Everett

Game On: How Companies Are Evolving to Meet Higher Fan Expectations

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Monday, 6/25.3:15PM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds and fan’s expectations for better sports experiences are matching pace. What trends do business leaders envision as the future of sports consumption, and how are they leading the way forward with new technology? Join a panel of experts as they examine new methods and models to help unlock the power of data and technology as sports organizations look to drive stronger fan engagement.

Zach Leonsis
Monumental Sports

Ezra Kucharz
Chief Biz Officer

Sandra Lopez

Laila Mintas
Deputy President

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