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in sports x entertainment

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We see you creating brand defining, industry-shifting work in sports x entertainment...


  • Showcasing your work for the world to see across marketing and digital platforms
  • Transforming big picture ideas into creative realities on a daily basis
  • Diversifying fan audiences for businesses, brands, and/or partners

The Creators of Color program was designed to spotlight and empower sports creatives like you who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


As recent as last year Black and minority ethnicities made up just 11.4% of the creative industry*, and although racial hiring practices continue to improve, individuals who are currently in decision-making roles at sports organizations remain predominantly white and male.**

The new game-changing annual recognition program for minority marketers and content creators will ensure the sports x entertainment community looks, thinks, and creates more like the young, global and diverse fans who consume its content and experiences.


  • A platform to showcase your portfolio to the industry at-large
  • Elevation of your professional and personal brand on our official channels through a video interview series, an Instagram takeover, and more
  • A robust mentorship experience where you’ll be matched with multiple mentors, including senior BIPOC executives and peer allies
  • Curated workshops and masterclasses to learn about the latest insights and trends in content creation and fan engagement to accelerate your personal career development
  • Exclusive networking access to speakers and thought leaders at Hashtag Sports event
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This opportunity is for you.


  • You work in entertainment, sports, and/or content
  • You identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color
  • You’ll be between the ages of twenty-one (21) and thirty-three (33) on June 15, 2021


  • You’ve demonstrated high potential and a desire to grow into a position of leadership both inside and outside of your organization
  • You’re committed to developing a generation of co-leaders who are increasingly diverse and empathetic
  • You have a body of work (content) that demonstrates exceptional creativity and effective fan engagement
  • You’re passionate about helping sports audiences grow in ethnicities, gender, and age range
  • Your portfolio of work has helped defined an organization’s brand, voice or visual identity in a way that resonates with multicultural fans
  • You’re willing and able to take advantage of access to senior executives as mentors over the next 6+ months
  • You have expertise within one of the following creative specialties:
    • Video Production
    • Social Media
    • Podcasting
    • Marketing & Revenue
    • Storytelling & Editorial
    • On-Camera Talent
    • Design & Art
    • Photography
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A cohort of 30 People of Color (ages 21-33) will be hand-selected by members of The Engagement Academy of Sports Entertainment, the prestigious judging body for The Hashtag Sports Awards. Honorees will be picked from applicants across the eight creative specialties: Video Production; Social Media; Podcasting; Marketing & Revenue; Storytelling & Editorial; On-Camera Talent; Design & Art; and Photography.
Applications are now open. Honorees for Creators of Color will be revealed in Spring 2021.

You can apply for the program by completing the application using this “Apply Now” or nominate someone with this "Nominate" link.
December 16, 2020: Applications Open

Spring 2021: Honorees and Cohort Announced

June 2021: Hashtag Sports 2021 Festival & Awards