Cause-Worthy Sports: How Social Good and Athletics Collide | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


Cause-Worthy Sports: How Social Good and Athletics Collide

Monday, 6/26 | Times Center | Innovate Stage at 2:15PM

What You Will Learn

Sports inspire devotion. Their popularity has led to a multi-billion dollar industry that is only slated to grow, predicted to reach $73.5 billion by 2019. But what do these million-dollar sports franchises, teams, star athletes and the brand partners that help support them owe to their communities? Why is it important to give back, and how can the global sports platform be used to effect change? We’ve seen athletes and franchises champion causes that are close to them, but with the meteoric rise of the sports industry so, too, has the popularity of publicly supported social causes grown. This begs the question: Are there advantages in uniting business with social good?

Tags: Activism, Sponsorship, Advertising, Athletes, Teams, Social Good, Digital

Chris Klein


Kathryn West

Advocacy Director

Jim Deeken

VP Marketing

Nick Baker

SVP of Global Partnerships

Mandy Antoniacci


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