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We appreciate your interest in Hashtag Sports. To assist with media coverage of our company and festival, we have provided hi-resolution logo downloads and official brand colors as a guide.

Hashtag Sports® and logo are registered trademarks with all rights reserved. By downloading these logos, you agree to these guidelines for use of the Hashtag Sports Trademark. Do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure any Hashtag Sports logo without our written consent.

Standard Logo & Icon

White Logo & Icon

Festival Logos

White Festival Logos

Color Palette





Written Style

Please do NOT write Hashtag Sports as one word. It is stylized as separate words. The “H” and “S” in Hashtag Sports are always capitalized—nothing else. Additionally, Hashtag Sports should always appear in plain text rather than embedding the logo into text.

Hashtag Sports



Hashtag #Sports


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