2020 Shortlist

Connected by Magic

Entrant Company: Orlando Magic, Walt Disney World

  • Best Jersey Sponsorship Activation
Orlando Magic Jersey Partnership

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Integrating payment systems and identifying a sales process designed to provide data collection opportunities was key to successfully delivering measurable business outcomes for Disney.

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Data collected from different touchpoints in the offer provided the ability to track things such as Disney Annual Pass renewal rates while also measuring the success of marketing campaigns promoting the offer and optimizing the assets utilized. The Magic were able to collect data and feedback directly from the fans to identify future enhancements (i.e. jersey styles, experiences, etc.) fans would want to see to keep the jersey offer program “fresh."

Additionally, the Magic were able to utilize the data collected via the jersey offer to add insights to existing internal CRM fan profiles, add new leads and also build reports designed to better understand fan buying behaviors related to both those purchasing Magic tickets and also buying Disney Annual Passes at Amway Center.


  1. Drive overall awareness and sales of Disney Annual Passes
  2. Increase the renewal rate of existing Disney Annual Passes amongst Florida residents
  3. Leverage the Magic jersey to make Disney synonymous with both “Orlando” and “Magic” in the hearts and minds of NBA fans globally

To do so, the Magic and Disney constructed two Disney Sales Centers within Amway Center, staffed full-time by Disney Cast Members. The Sales Centers were designed to sell and activate a variety of Disney park passes, including Annual Passes. These Sales Centers provided Disney with locations in the heart of downtown Orlando, serving as a centralized sales location outside of the parks and closer to residential locations of Orlando. It also afforded the opportunity to be on-site at all Magic games and Amway Center events throughout the year.

Strategy & Execution: To incentivize fans to purchase Disney Annual Passes, the Magic created an offer centered around the jersey. For every Annual Pass purchased or renewed at the Amway Center, fans would receive a FREE Nike Magic jersey in the color and style of their choice, a $125 value.

To reach the modern fan, the Magic integrated the Disney sales platforms into the Orlando Magic App, specifically to make “Magic Money” available for use on Disney passes. Magic Money provides ticket buyers with total flexibility, allowing them to return single game tickets throughout the season and receive compensation of the full value of the tickets in “Magic Money.” Fans can then use Magic Money to purchase F&B, merchandise, additional tickets, and unique experiences at Amway Center.

This integration provided fans the ability to utilize their “Magic Money” to also purchase Disney Annual Passes via the Magic App, providing substantial upside for the fan to utilize money that had previously been spent on their ticket plans and reallocate funds spent for access to the Disney parks. This flexibility created additional Annual Passholders for Disney that may have not had the financial means previously to hold both Magic Season Tickets and Disney Annual Passes.

Results: The decision to include Disney as the jersey sponsor of the Magic has provided incredible results for both brands both on and off the basketball court.

  • The Sports Business Journal conducted a fan poll in March 2020 that identified the Magic and Disney jersey partnership as the most recognizable and recalled jersey partnership by the fans in the NBA.
  • Since the beginning of the Disney Annual Pass Jersey offer during the 2017-2018 season, over 15K Disney Annual Passes have been sold at the Amway Center Disney Ticket Center locations.
  • For this season alone, over 5K Disney Annual Passes have been sold since October 2019, resulting in a 31% increase YOY.
  • Per a fan survey conducted in January 2020, 90% of fans said receiving a Magic Jersey was a “primary factor” in deciding to buy or renew their Disney Annual Pass. 68% of fans identified it as the sole reason for their purchase or renewal of the Disney Annual Pass.


  • Orlando Magic, Walt Disney World


  • Alex Martins
    Chief Executive Officer
    Orlando Magic
  • Charlie Freeman
    President, Business Operations
    Orlando Magic
  • Michael Forde
    Chief Sales Officer
    Orlando Magic
  • J.T. McWalters
    Vice President of Corporate Activation and Strategy
    Orlando Magic
  • Jason Clerkin
    Senior Corporate Partnership Manager
    Orlando Magic
  • Faron Kelley
    Vice President of ESPN Wide World of Sports, runDisney and Disney's Water Parks
    Walt Disney World