2020 Shortlist


Entrant Company: INTERSPORT Deutschland, Jung von Matt AG

  • Best Branded Content or Series
  • Best Engagement for Good
  • Most Creative Partnership With an Athlete or Influencer
Not Bad For A Girl

About this Entry

The campaign was an inspiring proof that women in sports can achieve anything they set their mind to. And it also was the proof for Intersport being the “Sponsor of Everyday Athletes”.

How does entry represent "Excellence in Engagement"?

Many women in sport don’t get recognized for their achievements. We made this the topic of our campaign and gave new insights into the life of female athletes. Lots of the issues were never discussed or talked about in public or in advertising. Every story-piece we shared on our channels was connected to one of the issues and showed how Anja challenged them or proved them wrong.

That’s why our campaign started a social debate, with many mentions on social media. Furthermore it became a strong message to women all over the world and an empowering message for every woman facing barriers in her own life.

Objective: Intersport is one of many brands in a hard-fought sports market. In-between giants like Nike or adidas, Intersport – as a retailer – is not the brand with the most heroic testimonials or the biggest marketing budget. That’s why the brand tries to build a strong core around the claim “Sponsor of Everyday Athletes”.

To strengthen the claim “Sponsor of everyday athletes” Intersport tells stories of ordinary people doing the extraordinary - people that also could be Intersport customers. Like the one from Anja Blacha who works a nine-to-five job but climbs the highest mountains in her free time. By telling her story we claimed once again to be the brand for everyday athletes.

Strategy & Execution: Over two and a half months Intersport accompanied Anja Blacha, a project manager from Bielefeld, on social media. She went 1400 kilometers, solo, unsupported to the South Pole and pushed her limits to show other women that there are no limits.

The whole campaign was rooted into social media. During Anja’s trip we published 7 videos with different topics around her trip. Additionally, we posted several logbook-entries with voice messages from Anja directly from the Antarctic. Our media strategy was to get a lot of free PR using the campaign’s provocative campaign title “Not bad for a girl”, the diversity approach and by creating unseen content of the outstanding challenge Anja was facing.

Results: The campaign “Not bad for a girl” started with a production budget of just 5.000 € and a media budget of zero Euros. During the whole campaign Intersport achieved over one billion impressions, which is a media equivalent of over 8 million Euros.

Furthermore, the campaign was mentioned in 380 newspaper articles in Germany – such as Bild-Zeitung, Hamburger Abendblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Business Punk, and many more.

All content pieces that were shared by the media were branded by Intersport.

Because of the campaign Anja Blacha got known in Germany. After she reached the South Pole she was invited to several primetime talk shows. On 14th of February she starred at “3nach9” besides Wladimir Klitschko and other stars. On 19th of February she also starred in one of Germany’s most famous late night talk-shows - stern TV.


  • Jung von Matt AG, INTERSPORT Deutschland eG, Anja Blacha