2020 Shortlist

Bleacher Report #1 on Twitter

Entrant Company: Bleacher Report

  • Outstanding Use of Twitter
Bleacher Report Twitter

About this Entry

Bleacher Report’s @BleacherReport main Twitter account has one overarching goal that informs every publishing decision we make: to start and own the conversation surrounding sports.

How does entry represent "Excellence in Engagement"?

The numbers speak for themselves. Coming in second in engagement across the entire platform is the biggest benchmark we could claim.

Objective: We want to be the smart, witty, informed character in the group chat, and we want to be first. This objective has made us the most engaged Twitter account of any sports media publisher in the world.

Strategy & Execution: Bleacher Report implements several strategies that make it the most dominant and engaging sports brand on Twitter - and second on the entire platform behind Donald Trump. First, Bleacher Report is an always-on news platform. Though volume and frequency play a role, being first and being accurate with consistency is a tried-and-true strategy.

Second, carrying a conversational voice that’s witty, informative but informal, and relatable ensures that millions of Gen Z and Millennial sports fans will see themselves in the content @BleacherReport posts. Lastly, giving social media programmers the creative license to take calculated risks and let their knowledge of sports and pop culture shine through sets Bleacher Report apart from other publishers by building flexibility and authenticity.

Results: Bleacher Report is the second most engaged account on all of Twitter - not just sports - ALL OF TWITTER. That’s a testament to our ability of owning the conversation surrounding sports.

A quick look at metrics:

  • Bleacher Report generated the most video views out of all media publishers on Twitter in 2019, with 2.81 billion views
  • With 193 million engagements, B/R was the most engaged Twitter account of any sports media publisher in 2019
  • The only account to beat us in engagement is that of Donald Trump

Those results are proof of both starting and owning the conversation surrounding sports.


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