2020 Shortlist

10,000 Hours Documentary Series

Entrant Company: In The Lab

  • Best Original Content or Series
10,000 Hours Documentary Series

About this Entry

Since creation In The Lab has become a global brand, influencing and motivation young children to adults. Notable NBA players such as Kyle Kuzma, The Holiday brothers, John Collins and many more started watching the series before making it to the NBA and they remain fans to this day.

How does entry represent "Excellence in Engagement"?

Devin Williams turned a class project into a global brand that has impacted millions of people. This is truly very special in regards to engagement and impact.

Now the brand has 10 employees and bases all over the globe. We have run massive camps in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and more! There are fans buying our merchandise and watching our content from every part of the world and it's amazing to witness.

This shows that anything is possible with focused, dedicated and committed practice.

Objective: Our "TEN000HOURS" documentary series was born out of a simple class project. Several years ago Devin was tasked to film a day in the life for his university videography class. At the time Devin didn't have a hard drive and decided to upload the video to YouTube. Overnight the video went viral all over the world, was seen on media outlets and gained massive popularity in China.

The video currently has over 2 million views and started a worldwide trend. Devin was the pioneer for basketball training as he mixed it with unique and motivational videos. He showed the trials and tribulations that it took to become great and put it together as a storyteller, in a form that the audience loved and devoured.

Strategy & Execution: This series was ahead of its time and since inception has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. It was created to show athletes what it actually took to be great, how much effort and focus was needed to reach the next level. The series documented athletes journeys IN THE LAB on their road to 10,000 hours of mastery.

The modern sports fan is always online looking for engaging content that they can relate to and grow with. This is exactly what our series has done for so many people.

Results: With over 12,000,000 million views on YouTube alone and millions more in China, In The Lab created a cult following. We were able to build one of the fastest growing lifestyle basketball brands in the world. We travel all over the world to run camps, events and have worked with brands such as NBA, Lyft, Euroleague, Uber, Adidas, Jordan, Nike and so much more around the world.

We now have a very popular clothing brand, podcast show, online training academy, esports organization and more in the works.

We also released our own SHOE, which has sold over 2000 pairs worldwide and was an amazing feat for us in itself. The shoe was worn by fans and even professional players overseas in their games. In the last 2 years we have grown tremendously on the business side and now have our own office in Los Angeles and employees around the world.

We are now building to be this generation's Nike/Adidas, with a deep and powerful message that resonates with people all around the world.


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