2019 Shortlist

Touchdowns Against Cancer

Entrant Company: Pledge It

  • Best Engagement for Good

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Touchdowns Against Cancer empowers student-athletes and coaches to leverage their status as micro-influencers for social good. The program provides a platform to generate hyper-local, authentic content to drive positive social impact. Athletes receive a framework to engage their community to create an atmosphere built around philanthropy and good will. The result is a wave of local, digital content and in-stadium experiences that add substantially more power than wins and losses.

“At the beginning of this season I decided I was going to make every point worth something. Together we’ve raised thousands of dollars. Even if technology separates us in a lot of ways, it also has the power to bring people together. If we believe in the power of the connection, that might be the best chance we have to give this story—the fight against cancer—the happy ending it needs.” - Isaac Weiss senior kicker at Lausanne Collegiate School.


  • John Stockett ‐ CBS Sports Interactive-MaxPreps
  • JP Bennett ‐ Pledge It
  • Alexander Diegel ‐ Pledge It
  • Ryan Gmerek ‐ Pledge It
  • Dave Costlow ‐ Pledge It
  • Scott Shirley ‐ Pledge It