2019 Shortlist

State Farm Esports Partnerships

Entrant Company: ReKTGlobal, Inc.

  • Best Engagement Through Esports & Gaming
State Farm Esports Partnerships

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The digital poster printer activation was so popular at LCS live events that Riot requested us to put up a permanent station directly at the Riot LCS studio itself which they provided for no fee to State Farm. This was because the developer found the activation to be so engaging they wanted it permanently at their studio.

The posters are highly creative and can be viewed in nearly any LCS or international LoL tournament stream. In fact, the celebrity personalities themselves came and created signs just to put on broadcast because they loved them, resulting in tons of engaging free publicity and inventory. Overall though, the survey results indicate to us that the fans have been very happy overall with the impact State Farm is having on the esports industry and have provided a boost in sentiment among a key, younger demographic.


  • Andrew Freeman ‐ State Farm
  • Ed Gold ‐ State Farm
  • Dave Bialek ‐ ReKTGlobal, Inc.
  • Kevin Knocke ‐ ReKTGlobal, Inc.