2019 Shortlist

SportsCastr Social First Screen

Entrant Company: SportsCastr

  • Best Real-Time Engagement
  • Best Website or Mobile Experience

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Fan critique - and that is a gentle word for it - of sports commentators sets Twitter ablaze during nearly every sports broadcast. Memes of bleeding ears fill feeds, and views of the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" video spike as fans express their displeasure with commentators. This is not because all professional commentators are bad - most are excellent, in fact - but modern fans desire and require control and the ability to personalize their experience. The second screen phenomenon also speaks to the fans' predilection for being social while watching games. The SportsCastr Social First Screen gives fans the power to personalize their viewing experience on a fun and social platform. Successful fan-commentators can even earn money from providing engaging commentary. And any live broadcast instantly becomes borderless with respect to language, location, style and age.


  • Andrew Schupak ‐ SportsCastr
  • Dakota Berg ‐ SportsCastr
  • Drew McCalla ‐ SportsCastr
  • Nick Schupak ‐ SportsCastr
  • Peter Azuolas ‐ SportsCastr
  • Kevin April ‐ SportsCastr