2019 Shortlist

ShotTracker Broadcast Solution

Entrant Company: ShotTracker

  • Best Use of Technology
ShotTracker Broadcast Solution

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Integration of ShotTracker technology and data represents a commitment to providing a cutting edge experience to the modern basketball fan. Fans have the option to consume games on a variety of platforms and ShotTracker has the capability to integrate with all of them. No other technology solution offers the truly real-time / sub-second automated statistical representations that ShotTracker provides.

Integrating ShotTracker’s data with a broadcaster’s data visualization engine provides automatic graphical creation, whereas other providers still need manual actions to reach the final output. While other sports have debuted a “connected” ball or puck to provide a data-enhanced broadcast, ShotTracker is the only proven real-time basketball solution. The speed, accuracy, and insight of the data that a ShotTracker-enabled game provides is unparalleled. As technology and analytics become more ingrained in sports, ShotTracker will continue to lead the way.