2019 Shortlist

Snow Pack - Exclusive Footage: Shaun White’s Horrific Crash

Entrant Company: Yahoo Sports

  • Best Athlete Storytelling
Snow Pack - Exclusive Footage: Shaun White’s Horrific Crash

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The eight-part documentary series over five weeks chronicled every stage of his journey including the moment he suffered a horrific injury to his face during his pre-season training. White understood the audience and the access he was giving the viewer as he had the foresight to pull out his iPhone and film the most intimate emotions just minutes right after the crash, the intense helicopter ride to the hospital and the career-threatening moment as he laid in a hospital bed uncertain as what the future held. That exclusive moment that our cameras captured in the first episode were picked up by media outlets around the world and set the stage for what would be a dramatic and emotional comeback en route to his third gold medal.


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