2019 Shortlist

Scooter Magruder


Best Creator

How Does This Individual Represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

In 2011, Cameron "Scooter" Magruder started a YouTube channel that grew in popularity as a result of a viral video poking fun at a set of “Top 100 First World Problems.” The University of Florida graduate continued his viral streak with “Stuff Gators Fans Say” which served as his entree into sports. He’s continued the theme of both of his first big hits—his most popular video to date is “Top 100 Fortnite Players Say” with 3.1M views and his “Things [Insert Team] Fans Say” series never fails to be a hit among circles of regional fandom.

Magruder is a modern day creative genius, producing highly targeted, team-specific content that he knows will hit the right nerve with rabid fans who can laugh at themselves (70 of his videos on YouTube have recorded 100K views). His best work includes parodies of Dallas Cowboys fans; growing up a supporter of the Star himself, he knows better than anyone the highs and lows of life within Cowboys Nation and is able to generate hundreds of comments and impressive engagement from fans in the heat of the moment.

Scooter Magruder's Engaging Content