2019 Shortlist

SAP Battles from the Bench

Entrant Company: Momentum Worldwide, SAP, NHL

  • Best Use of Immersive Media
SAP Battles from the Bench

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Battles from the Bench created a new standard for brand activations at the NHL All Star weekend by incorporating the latest technology to bring fans closer to the action than ever before. By taking advantage of a never-before-used VR camera, we were able to incorporate high definition slow motion and unique camera angles into the experience. For the first time, fans could literally see the game the way the players do during a game. These techniques, combined with “choose-your-own adventure” storytelling mechanics, made every user feel like they were part of the action and set a new bar for immersion in a sports VR experience.


  • Elizabeth Bewalder ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Marissa Weseloh ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Dooner Smith ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Michelle Peterson ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Jessica Keil ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Melissa Hamilton ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Shanan McKeaney ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Brian Koenigsberg ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Michael Costa ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Gregory Weber ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Taran Chadha ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • Omid Farhang ‐ Momentum Worldwide
  • SAP
  • NHL