2019 Shortlist

'See The Puck' Mobile Campaign

Entrant Company: Rover & San Jose Sharks

  • Best Website or Mobile Experience
'See The Puck' Mobile Campaign

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

There’s no question that to reach today’s modern fan, sports teams must continue to find new and innovative ways to engage on digital. And while teams are doing a tremendous job creating new activations on digital, it’s clear that more and more can be done on mobile.

This campaign is a clear activation that more teams should be executing as it does a great job of tying together the physical and digital worlds. Fans were able to tour around surrounding locations in search for a puck, use their phone to look for clues, engage with local partners in the community, and post on digital about their happiness of winning tickets. From a fan’s perspective, they are able to feel connected and valued by their favorite team, which in turn builds fan loyalty. And from a team’s perspective, that strong connection is the most important aspect of it all.


  • Amanda Behrendt ‐ San Jose Sharks
  • Patrick Hooper ‐ San Jose Sharks
  • Doug Bentz ‐ San Jose Sharks