2019 Shortlist

Australian Open #EmiratesPlay

Entrant Company: Tennis Australia, Brizi

  • Best Event-Based Activation
Australian Open #EmiratesPlay

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

BriziMotion was like nothing fans had seen before. For the property and sponsor, it was a powerful way to capture the emotional energy, and have it spread virally throughout the venue and beyond. By tapping into the existing fan behavior of smartphone use and letting fans control the experience, a more personal connection was created without sacrificing a sense of presence or the sport of tennis itself.

Phones weren’t a distraction anymore, they connected fans with where they were. The true power of the experience is that it transforms fans into micro-influencers. Fans are not only engaged, they are entertained, and they’ll share that joy to their trusted social media friends, across each one of the 15,000+ moment captured. The breakthrough technology allowed brands and properties to access an automated fan-content generation tool, BriziMotion, showcasing a triple threat on game day: elevating creativity, interaction, and buzz-worthy content.