2019 Shortlist

Rob Perez


Best Creator

How Does This Individual Represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Through his authentic voice and knack for real-time basketball commentary, World Wide Wob is arguably the biggest must-follow on Twitter for all things NBA. From his long-running gag of changing his profile picture and account name to humorously reflect a storyline captivating #NBATwitter to dissecting a quirky moment or budding beef, he’s best known for finding the highlights and clips that you might have missed even if you were watching the game. Perez is a fresh flavor for fans amongst the increasingly serious sports coverage surrounding the world’s most popular league.

The influencer began his rise to the top of the NBA food chain through viral rants on Vine and pizza roll-fueled live streams on Periscope. While other creators seek professional production quality and premium content, Perez is more of your every man, posting screengrabs and iPhone-shot recordings of NBA television broadcasts. After spending time with Fox Sports and Cycle, he took his talents to The Action Network in 2018.

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