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How Does This Individual Represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

CC Sabathia might have been born to host a podcast. He’s a big personality with a wicked sense of humor, while his partner in crime, Ryan Ruocco, is a polished media professional. R2C2 (a Star Wars reference you probably caught regardless of your nerd level) is where the worlds of Yankees stardom and media personality collide to create an audio masterpiece. The two have known each other for a while, a nugget listeners can easily extract from just one episode due to their excellent, if not unlikely, chemistry.

Instead of diving into on-field results, this show focuses on everything but. Between MLB storylines, pop culture, and life tips, there are times when it’s barely a sports podcast. The unlikely duo are a perfect match for interviews with names like Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte. With 41 episodes and a perfect score on Apple Podcasts, R2C2 is the quintessential non-baseball podcast for the modern baseball fan.

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