2019 Shortlist

Rival Hug

Good Karma Payout

Entrant Company: PointsBet, North 6th Agency

  • Best Integrated Campaign
Good Karma Payout

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The modern sports fan was at the very foundation of the Good Karma Payout campaign. Many fans who wagered on and watched this past NFL season’s NFC Championship game felt both disappointed and victimized by the officials’ negligence that cost the New Orleans Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. Instead of taking advantage of the bettors’ misfortune that no way could have been anticipated, PointsBet refunded wagers and allowed sports fans and betting enthusiasts a shot at redemption.

Bettors and sports fan alike were affected by what turned into a social and cultural phenomenon. By staying in-tune with their customer base, a majority of whom are sports fans, PointsBet was able to provide clarity and value to those who felt puzzled and cheated. In addition to this, the clip was referenced several times by publications and broadcast stations as a declaration to the unfair call originally made, resonating well beyond the customer base. This campaign raises the bar for the industry for many reasons, chief among them is customer service. With a crowded market, sportsbooks are battling for a finite amount of customers. How PointsBet is setting itself apart is by providing the most amount of value to its customers, by backing the bettor.


  • Layton Lassiter ‐ North 6th Agency
  • Sanasjia Clervoix ‐ North 6th Agency
  • Danielle Montana ‐ North 6th Agency
  • Florence Lousqui-Bogitsh ‐ North 6th Agency
  • Ellis Frederick ‐ PointsBet
  • Steve Astrachan ‐ PointsBet
  • Ron Shell ‐ PointsBet
  • Rick Martira ‐ PointsBet
  • Johnny Aitken ‐ PointsBet