2019 Shortlist

Patrick Mahomes


Best Social Highlight Star

How Does This Individual Represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Kansas City quarterback had an absolutely outstanding year on the field and it correlated to popularity and admiration across social media. After spending the entire 2017 season on the sidelines, Mahomes came into 2018 guns blazing. In the age of 24/7 highlights, it’s tough to stand out in a crowd of clips, but the Chiefs QB routinely made it look easy. Similar to Steph Curry’s GIF-worthy dribbling and three point slinging, Mahomes’ ascent didn’t just send social media into a frenzy; his abilities literally changed the way we view the quarterback position.

Whether he’s threading the needle with perfect no-look passes in overtime or going lefty to get the ball out under pressure, his ability to make the unorthodox look effortless is not only impressive—it’s straight up unfair. His raw talent and flair left fans in awe and gave the NFL a star like the league has never seen on social. It also led to one of the season’s best brand moments as Heinz tweeted him and offered free ketchup for life if he hit a record mark of 57 touchdowns.

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