2019 Shortlist

NFL Highlights - Snapchat Discover Story

Entrant Company: NFL

  • Outstanding Use of Snapchat
NFL Highlights - Snapchat Discover Story

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

We took a risk by presenting NFL Highlights on Snapchat in a new and unique way, and it totally paid off. The key measurement of engagement on these editions was the fact that fans kept coming back to see new updates to the story throughout the day. It was clear we became fans go-to source, and by consistently checking-in they were obviously engaged with our content.

More importantly, we got the often hard-to-reach young age demographic of 13-17 year olds to engage on our Snapchat platform. By keeping this execution on Snapchat, it forced us to condense highlights to 10s, which helped satisfy the short attention span of young audiences, and led to more engagement. We believe we pushed the boundaries with this edition style, and hope that it continues to challenge others in the industry to utilize traditional social platforms in new and unique ways.


  • Chance Brost ‐ NFL
  • David Feldman ‐ NFL
  • Blake Harvey ‐ NFL
  • Hayden Patterson ‐ NFL
  • Ralph Warner ‐ NFL
  • AJ Curry ‐ NFL