2019 Shortlist

IBM and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Poster Series

Entrant Company: MKTG

  • Best Branded Content or Series
IBM and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Poster Series

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Collaborating with IBM and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, MKTG created a retro poster series for F1 races during the season. The campaign celebrated the Formula 1's rich history in beautiful classic poster designs reimagined for the 2018 season. The same Red Bull car raced through different designs that captured the legacy of each specific race and country, telling the story of how Aston Martin Red Bull racing has become a big part of F1 history.

We look at the past to inform the future. All too often we get caught up in pushing what's next and doing digital for digital sake, this brought back a well-respected part of F1 history and modernized it for today.


  • Tiffany Santora ‐ MKTG
  • Spencer Dean ‐ MKTG
  • Keith Stoeckeler ‐ MKTG
  • TJ Balkun ‐ MKTG
  • Elliot Gerard ‐ MKTG