2019 Shortlist

House of Highlights

Entrant Company: House of Highlights

  • Outstanding Use of Instagram
House of Highlights

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

At a time when many media publishers are dying out and getting crushed by algorithm changes, Omar has House of Highlights thriving and growing its hyper-engaged audience at a faster rate than almost any other social handle in the world.

In a world of cluttered feeds and copy-cat accounts, he has maintained House of Highlights’ reputation as the best sports content curators on Instagram—and the numbers back that up. As other media entities have their margins squeezed and their voice diminished by inorganic ads, Omar has found success selectively activating House of Highlights’ brand ethos on behalf of advertisers that embrace the approachable, relatable and fun pillars of House of Highlights, which inevitably drives both brands forward.


  • Omar Raja ‐ House of Highlights