2019 Shortlist

Hockey's Declaration of Principles

Entrant Company: NHL, The Vault

  • Best Engagement for Good
Hockey's Declaration of Principles

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Through this effort, we are setting new benchmarks for how people perceive and interact with our sport, both in terms of participation and fandom. The Principles and this campaign focus on undercurrents embedded within hockey – from accessibility, to cultural norms, specialization and the value of character and family. More than ever before, we are discussing the future of the game within the context of the role it plays in society. We are now collecting data and analyzing trends that shed light on barriers to participation and factors influencing the experience, providing substance to make decisions to improve. Other sports leagues and entities have taken notice. Many have recognized the fractures in their own sporting structure. Hockey leadership has been approached by leading sports entities in North America to help them emulate the Principles and the platform that it has created to bring solutions to their unique set of challenges.


  • Brian Jennings ‐ National Hockey League
  • Casey Hall ‐ National Hockey League
  • Donny Khan ‐ National Hockey League
  • Jessica Berman ‐ National Hockey League
  • Pat LaFontaine ‐ National Hockey League
  • Paul LaCaruba ‐ National Hockey League
  • Jon Paley ‐ The Vault
  • Lorenzo De Guia ‐ The Vault
  • Josh Weissglass ‐ The Vault
  • Rich Hutchins ‐ The Vault
  • Tim Sessler ‐ The Vault
  • Josh Bodnar ‐ The Vault
  • Ben White ‐ The Vault
  • Lenny Mastrandrea ‐ The Vault
  • Adam Rooner ‐ The Vault