2019 Shortlist

Hockey 101 with Snoop Dogg

Entrant Company: NHL

  • Best Branded Content or Series

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

At first glance, the NHL and Snoop Dogg might not strike someone as the perfect match. And while it may have been presented some risks, it was a perfect match indeed. Few celebs and entertainers have the mix of humor, creativity and unique personal brand the way Snoop does. Almost everything he does generates earned media. So the marriage of Snoop and the NHL is perfect balance of the unexpected and the familiar in that it generates interest and intrigue while also shifting the perception of the NHL brand... a brand that is open to all, places high value on fun, and has great stories to tell.


  • Sean Dennison ‐ NHL
  • Matt Nicholson ‐ NHL
  • Heidi Browning ‐ NHL
  • Steve Mayer ‐ NHL
  • Mark Ritchie ‐ Freelance