2019 Shortlist

NHL Fan Choice Awards

Entrant Company: NHL

  • Best Social Media Campaign
NHL Fan Choice Awards

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

No other professional league celebrates its players' use of social media as a social-only award show. This first-of-its-kind campaign is tailor-made for the entertaining way one sport's athletes are bringing current and future fans into their lives every day on their personal social media channels.

The secret to this campaign's success is its simplicity. It's easy and fun to participate because the process of completing the voting process isn't much different from how you normally consume content. What if the nominees at a televised award show like the Oscars got to shout out why they should win before the winner is announced? What if they got to say who got snubbed? Social media allows hockey players to interact with their fans that way and we are eager to push it further in 2019.


  • Paul Bissonnette ‐ @BizNasty2point0
  • Rebecca Friedman ‐ NHL
  • Kevin Baumer ‐ NHL
  • David Klatt ‐ NHL
  • Sean Dennison ‐ NHL
  • Heidi Browning ‐ NHL