2019 Shortlist

Dude Perfect


Best Social Highlight Star

How Does This Individual Represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

In 2009, five friends were betting on sandwiches via basketball shots in their backyard with a camera recording their attempts at trick shots. Within a week of their first YouTube video being uploaded, they received 200K views and began gaining traction and followers. Dude Perfect was soon born and a decade later the group of friends has surpassed numbers no one could have predicted: 7 billion views, 41 million subscribers, and the 8th most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

In the past 12+ months, the Dude Perfect brand has grown beyond YouTube, resulting in a television deal with Nickelodeon and the creation of a dedicated mobile app. With a live tour scheduled to begin soon, Dude Perfect is bringing the action to young fans IRL to witness the trick shot artists they have idolized on the screens for years.

Dude Perfect's Engaging Content