2019 Shortlist

Double Clásico

Entrant Company: beIN SPORTS USA, VMLY&R Miami

  • Best Multi-Platform Campaign
Double Clásico

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Integrating design with purpose, we achieved a click-through rate (CTR) that was 350% higher than our benchmark of .04%. With engaging and relatable content, our Video Completion Rate (VCR) benchmark was surpassed by 100%, while social engagement rates in both English and Spanish beat benchmarks by 20 points.

With real-time reminders for tune-in and creating a place for fans to come together and watch the matches as a community, we brought what would typically be seen as online engagement, out into the real world. This heightens the benchmark for engagement to not only be entertaining, but utilitarian. Moving forward, brands should not see engagement in terms of how it benefits them with tactics of collecting data or increasing social media activity, but rather how they can add value/benefit to their fans' lives. Engaging with them in meaningful ways will result in long-term positive results for the brand and industry.


  • Juan Ochoa ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Cesar Hernandez ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Juan Di Polo ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Carlos Casado ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Alex Villada ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Michelle Rodriguez ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Edgar Gomez ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Omar Saavedra ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Adriana Diaz ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Karina De Armas ‐ beIN SPORTS
  • Julian Roca ‐ VMLY&R
  • Susana Santacoloma ‐ VMLY&R
  • Andrea Lopez ‐ VMLY&R
  • Alicia Talavera ‐ VMLY&R
  • Kaitlin Castillo ‐ VMLY&R
  • Federico Hauri ‐ VMLY&R
  • Ricardo Chuecos ‐ VMLY&R
  • Cristian Duran ‐ VMLY&R
  • Jorge Calvo ‐ VMLY&R
  • Vivian Zaldivar ‐ VMLY&R
  • Felipe Suarez ‐ VMLY&R
  • David Muñoz ‐ VMLY&R
  • Abel Peña ‐ VMLY&R
  • Nicolas Fernandez ‐ VMLY&R