2019 Shortlist

Real-Time Custom Fantasy Team Logos

Entrant Company: NFL

  • Best Real-Time Engagement
Real-Time Custom Fantasy Team Logos

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

By asking fans to participate and promising them the potential of a unique experience and product in return, we were able to achieve an excellent amount of engagement. Essentially, we let our fans dictate our content and then we gave them what they wanted. Many posts are often forgotten almost instantaneously when the social media user closes the app or logs out. However, there are some that have a bit more staying power. Whenever one of the lucky fans is asked where they got their fantasy team logo, their answer helps promote the Checkdown brand and serves as a reminder to this project. That sort of result isn’t immediately measured in analytics but yields results that can still be felt. This execution helped build the reputation for a brand that's known for bringing out the fun side of football.


  • Nick Toney ‐ NFL
  • Scott Koppenhaver ‐ NFL
  • Jordan Dolbin ‐ NFL
  • Bryce Gustafson ‐ NFL
  • Scott O'Malley ‐ NFL
  • Ruth Wels ‐ NFL
  • Justin Goldman ‐ NFL
  • Mike Gallegos ‐ NFL
  • David Feldman ‐ NFL
  • Justin Anderson ‐ NFL
  • Bryndon Minter ‐ NFL
  • Benji Gallagher ‐ NFL
  • AJ Curry ‐ NFL