2019 Shortlist

Cox Flight Speed 4D Experience

Entrant Company: Cox Communications, Next Marketing

  • Best Use of Immersive Media
  • Best Activation to Reach Young Fans
Cox Flight Speed 4D Experience

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Resonating with a younger audience that's influencing this gen and next, this engagement instantly connects with their affinities for fast paced, content-rich interaction. It naturally aligns the Cox product portfolio with a sports sponsorship that supports speed and coverage demonstrations in a way that hasn’t been done before. The work organically emulates Cox’s speed leadership, while aligning with fans who value new and novel technologies.

Telling the brand story in a human way: The experience puts the user in the middle of a high-speed battle for first place. The user feels the exhilaration of winning in partnership with the brand.

Making sponsorship scalable: Not only is the 4D Flightspeed Experience compact and portable, the content-driven design of the 4D theater Experience allows Cox to quickly reskin it, reprogram it for other sports simulations throughout the year.


  • Rachel Negretti ‐ Cox Communications
  • Quinn Bison ‐ Cox Communications
  • Patrick Conreaux ‐ Next Marketing
  • Paul Duffy ‐ Next Marketing
  • Seth Ferguson ‐ Next Marketing