2019 Shortlist

Rock Your Routine - With UCHealth, the Colorado Rockies and Charlie Blackmon

Entrant Company: UCHealth

  • Most Creative Partnership With an Athlete or Influencer
Rock Your Routine - With UCHealth, the Colorado Rockies and Charlie Blackmon

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

We hope this encourages other partners in the health care category to think outside the box when it comes to athlete partnerships. In an industry that's traditionally more conservative/safe when it comes to activation, this campaign has shown that taking risks can pay off.

Athletes can do more than share workout tips or canned advice on how to prevent injury, eat well, and exercise. We were able to showcase Charlie's personality, and authentically represent him while accomplishing UChealth's objectives. Our most successful tactic of this partnership was a video highlighting Charlie's favorite hobby outside baseball: fishing. Just because you're working with a professional baseball player, doesn't mean all content has to be focused on baseball.

There are stories to tell off the field as well that can be more relatable to fans of the team. Charlie also gave time to fellow UCHealth patients throughout the season.


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