2019 Shortlist

CBS Sports: Google Assistant Ultimate Fantasy Advisor

Entrant Company: CBS Interactive

  • Best Use of Technology
CBS Sports: Google Assistant Ultimate Fantasy Advisor

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The campaign had, at its heart, the daunting task of creating new consumer behavior. Fantasy players had formed rigorous routines for managing their teams throughout the season and it was necessary to teach a new skill and get players to learn to trust and rely on Football Assistant.

The campaign went out of its way to teach this audience how to properly interact with the assistant. Once that first interaction had been made, players also needed to be reminded to stay engaged with the technology and make use of the assistant beyond the initial draft period and through each game of the season. We believe our efforts have served to make fantasy players more comfortable with utilizing AI and voice technology to better manage their teams and enjoy the season. This, in turn, lets them do more of what they love: watch football.


  • Rick Corteville ‐ CBS Interactive
  • Sam Weston ‐ Essence Agency
  • Kaitlin Rosenberg ‐ CBS Interactive
  • David LiCalzi ‐ CBS Interactive
  • Jeremy Sigel ‐ CBS Interactive