2019 Shortlist

Run With Us: Home

Entrant Company: Chicago Bulls

  • Best Athlete Storytelling
Run With Us: Home

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

“Home” generated 408,000 views across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. It is the strongest performing episode to date on YouTube, generating more than 125,000 views, outperforming the next highest viewed Run With Us on YouTube by more than 50,000 views. Overall, Run With Us content has generated nearly four million organic video views to date. The Run With Us series – both the content and the way the team rolls out each episode – has helped the Bulls tell the team’s story and has kept fans engaged and returning for more content throughout two up and down seasons. Fans consistently laud Run With Us for its authenticity, and the team monitors fan reaction to each episode to gauge interest levels and get ideas for new storylines.


  • Samantha Brown ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Kamil Strycharz ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Luka Dukich ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Dan Moriarty ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Tucker Jacob ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Cody Madsen ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Grace Pritula ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Katian Kerr ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Chris Ramirez ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Brad Siegel ‐ Chicago Bulls