2019 Shortlist

"The Bullchelor" starring Robin Lopez

Entrant Company: Chicago Bulls

  • Best Use of Culture, Music, or Entertainment

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

BMO Harris Bank sees such strong results and lift from the “social media short films” that they continue to partner with the Bulls on each episode. In a recent brand perception study, The Amplification Effect presented by Sri, BMO Harris Bank sees a 121% lift in likeability, a 139% lift in being considered more engaging, and an 87% lift in relevancy among their target when associated with Bulls creative and content. These social media short films continue to see strong engagement across the board in terms of views and fan anecdotes but more importantly continue to bolster BMO Harris Bank's relevance among their target consumers.


  • Tien Tran ‐ The Second City
  • Ryan Asher ‐ The Second City
  • Asia Martin ‐ The Second City
  • Andrew Knox ‐ The Second City
  • Nicole Bishop ‐ The Second City
  • Billy Bungeroth ‐ The Second City
  • Matthew Herek ‐ BMO Harris Bank
  • Amy Potter ‐ BMO Harris Bank
  • Cody Madsen ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Chris Ramirez ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Jimmy Mitchell ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • John Boddie ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Megan Donovan ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Dan Moriarty ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Kamil Strycharz ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Samantha Brown ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Emily Livacari ‐ Chicago Bulls
  • Luka Dukich ‐ Chicago Bulls