2019 Shortlist

Brees-A-Thon by The Checkdown

Entrant Company: NFL

  • Best Social Media Campaign
Brees-A-Thon by The Checkdown

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

While hundreds of sports outlets covered Drew Brees making history by breaking the all-time passing record, the “Brees-A-Thon” enabled us to become part of his monumental moment. Whether our viewers followed on Twitter, Instagram, NFL.com, or even the local news in New Orleans, they’ll remember our campaign when reflecting on the marquee moment of Brees’ career.

Our ability to capitalize on a historic milestone caused us to reach a segment of sports fans that stretched far beyond die-hard football fans. Followers of the Brees-A-Thon didn't simply tune in for one viral post/video, they joined us on our journey that culminated with meeting the future Hall of Fame QB. What started out as a crazy idea to cover 71,941 yards on foot turned into a journey that brought in 1.7 million views and introduced The Checkdown brand to a new audience.


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