2019 Shortlist

B/R Kicks Presents: The Drop Up

Entrant Company: Bleacher Report

  • Best Activation to Reach Young Fans
B/R Kicks Presents: The Drop Up

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Yet again, B/R and its associated brands define the perfect combination of live events, great content, social media prowess, and the use of celebrities/influencers (in-part because of the huge popularity of our brand and its events). We broke down barriers within 'The Kicks' industry by changing what is traditionally exclusive, stuffy, dominated by the resale market, and unapproachable if you aren’t one of the ‘chosen few.’ We took this event and made it fun and inclusive for everyone involved - and then engaged all of our consumers and target audience both in person and on social. These users engaged with us back on social and with one another and the trickle down effect rolls down and down.