2019 Shortlist

Believing in Miracles

Entrant Company: Minnesota Vikings

  • Best Fan-Generated Content
Believing in Miracles

How does entry represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This video is one of the most watched videos in Minnesota Vikings history to date. Of course, when you have the most memorable play in team history as inspiration, more people already feel compelled to watch. As the social media team considers different content to create, we are always searching for methods to infuse user-generated content to mimic the appeal and passion that this video was able to convey. We saw a number of comments from fans that stated they had watched the video multiple times which isn't usually the case for most videos and series that are developed.


  • Josh Blessing ‐ Freelance
  • Nate Vaughn ‐ Minnesota Vikings
  • Alex Miller ‐ Minnesota Vikings
  • GH Ridpath ‐ Minnesota Vikings